Our Mission and Vision


What we hope to accomplish



Voice of Christ in Haiti is bringing a spiritual and  a social transformation to the people of Saint-Marc (Bois-Neuf) and Saint-Michel de l'Attalaye of Haiti. Saint-Marc is about 100 miles North of Port-au-Prince. If you've been to Haiti and you've never been in the outside of Port-au-Prince, you haven't discovered the beauty of Haiti. The outside of Port-au-Prince is very, very pretty. You will enjoy the nice panoramic view from Port-au-Prince leading to Saint-Marc with a beautiful resort such as the Cameroun Club Indigo and Moulin Sur Mer located on the beach. This is our base when you first arrive in Haiti. This is where we have one of our churches. We make sure that you taste the paradise first before we take you to Saint-Michel which is our largest mission field in Voice of Christ ministry which is another paradise. Saint-Michel de l'Attalaye is a place of great adventure if you like  to climb huge mountains. It is really beautiful. For far too long, our people have lived in a profound darkness, tied to deprivation and witchcraft.



Haiti was the first black republic in the western hemisphere to have its independence January 1, 1804. Haiti was liberated from France's rulers more than 200 years ago, but we are still working today to restore the life of these beautiful people who had been endured far too long  all kind of  hardships.



What we have accomplished


To date, VOCIH has developed  1 school of 300 kids that we fed  and clothe  while they are living with their parents.  It is like a type of orphanage except the kids live with their parents for now until we build a Children Home. Plus we have, 2 churches, and 1 seminary where we trained young men and young women for the ministry and 1 health clinic.  Our goal is to build a big Campus for Voice of Christ. We've been blessed with 50 acres of land.



The Education

We recognize that an education can make all the difference in a child's future. VOCIH is striving to provide a solid education for all children in Haiti and we need your help to accomplish this goal.


Haiti's population is approximately 12 million people, of which only 25 percent are literate. VOCIH is working to improve the literacy rate in Haiti, and our work starts with the 300 students we currently have enrolled in our schools.


The Church

A church is more than just a place of worship. The church is where we come together for worship, prayer, and to get spiritually fed. But it's also a ground for teaching and raising the future leaders of the world. Our bible school is preparing young men and women for a life of ministry and the task of spreading the good news of Jesus Chris to the lost.


The 20/20 Vision

Our vision, God willing, is to expand more churches and schools all over Haiti. Our faith is growing in numbers year after year, and we are eager to bring more people into the kingdom.


Health Care

The health situation in Haiti is overwhelming due the lack of health care. One doctor for 10, 000 people. Malaria, typhoid, HIV/Aids, malnutrition combine with lack of hygiene are worsen the situation. This is why Voice of Christ put a lot of emphasis on health. We welcome medical team, individual health care professional in all areas to come to help us out.



                                 THE STORY OF VOICE OF CHRIST


The story of Voice of Christ (VOCIH) begins with the testimony of my life and my ministry's life. My name is Jeff Anefils. I am the father of four sons and two grandsons. I am also the founder and the director of Voice of Christ in Haiti.

My birth name is Dieuseul Jephte Anefils. I go by Jeff. I was born and raised in Haiti. At my birth, I joined a family that would have had five children. My siblings’ names were: Anatole, Prophetane, Baby Boy Anefils, Jonas, and me, Jeff Anefils. Yes, I am the youngest. Unfortunately, the four oldest passed away at very young ages, in a tragic ways, due to the spiritual condition we were living in: the world of voodoo. Because of their madness, evil spirits that were being worshiped in my family had traumatically changed our home into a funeral home. My parents had seen their children die, one after the other. I did not have the chance to meet any one of them since I was born long after they were. After my parents went through all of this, they attempted suicide several times.

But, God, who had been watching them go through all this tragedy, arranged a plan to rescue them. At this time, the church was so rare in the community that the idea of worshiping Christ didn't cross their mind. There was a very small, satellite church like the size of a cell group started by some American missionaries. One of their relatives who was a member of the satellite church, came to our house to witness to my parents. The words they heard that day were like drops of fresh water falling onto their lips.They heard things they had never heard before. It did not take too long for them to say, ”Yes, we will try this Jesus". Since then, they now felt like they lived in the real world- that they had finally found what they were looking for.

After this, everything in their walk with Christ was normal, even though all their children were gone. They never dreamed to have more children, because they didn't want to bring their hurt back, plus they were now too old. The only dream they had was to finish their pilgrimage on this earth, with Jesus. But oh! Oh! Before they knew it, horrible news came very unexpectedly and hurt them again. A new pregnancy was announced. My mother became pregnant with me when she was over fifty years old! This news nearly killed her spirit. She decided she would rather  abort me than suffer more pain of losing another child later on. So, she went to her midwife, who was my dad's aunt, to tell her this news and what she had decided. She confessed to her midwife that "this is what happened to me". Aunt Elvira, her midwife said " Charite, you cannot do such a thing. This is a crime and God would not forgive you for this. I would suggest you to keep the child. You never know God's plan." 

Since my mother had so much respect for Aunt Elvira, she decided, in spite of much fear and bitterness in her heart, to continue with the pregnancy. The midwife didn't know how much my mother and I we are both at great risk. I am glad now that she didn't know. When the time come for me to be born, my parents decided not to give me a name. Therefore, I had no birth certificate. So, I am telling you, when I first stepped in to this world, I wasn't even welcome in my own home. I had shown up very unexpectedly, and had been born into a sad situation.

Consequently, my parents decided to call me "Maybe" just to call me something, because due to their past experience of losing their other children, they figured I wasn't going to make it either. But, God had His plan. Then after 4 years, one of my mother's cousins, who was living with us, went to the birth certificate office to make me a birth certificate. After this, they called me Dieuseul, which means “God Alone”. Of course, the implication was that only God could keep me alive. Yes, He sure did! I was the only child to survive. I have now been in the ministry for 39 years, as I write this story, and now me, “Pastor Maybe”, is 61 years old. Glory to God. "Maybe made it".

Now, all of this, is to show you how much my testimony is tying to the existence of Voice of Christ. 

First of all, let me explain to you about the meaning of Voice of Christ. The name Voice of Christ not only has  a lot to see with my testimony. But, also this name has a lot to see with Haiti's spiritual condition. It has been 500 years since the slaves had been brought to Haiti under the French colonization. They brought the voodoo culture who was not profitable for Haiti. This reduces the Island of Haiti to its simple expression. 214 years of independence, Haiti becomes the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Simply because of the spiritual condition of Haiti. Now  the Lord had told me if the Haitians wanted to be freed from the curses of Voodoo, they will have to stop calling upon the Voice of Satan for deliverance, but to turn themselves uniquely to the Voice of Christ to remove those curses in order to birth a blessed and prosperous Haiti". God continues to tell me that " to make Voice of Christ effective that we are going to use three big pillars which are 1) Evangelism to bring the all nation of Haiti to know Jesus as the only  one who can transform the country, even if it will take 500,000 years. Secondly, we are going to use Education. We need to bring Christ and education to our young people and to do social work in the communities such as potable water, etc. They will be hope once the heart and the mentality is changed. Thirdly, we need to restore the Health condition in providing a better health care for each Haitian".  This is what defining Voice of Christ which is a Mission with a Vision.  

In reading this,  we are hoping that the Lord will give you a clear understanding of Voice Christ vision and would also bring you to join hands together to make a difference in the lives of this miserable nation and we will save a lot of little Jeffs. These blessings will follow you from generation to generations and Christ will welcome you warmly in heaven for adding one stone in His kingdom.

May the Lord richly bless you.

Jeff Anefils

The director and founder

Voice of Christ in Haiti is a duly incorporated charity with 501(c)(3) status. So, your contributions are deductible for tax purposes.


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