The VOCIH Team welcomes you!

Voice of Christ in Haiti is a growing non-profit organization with a vision of complete restoration in Saint Michel, Haiti. The number of children and members of our church and schools in Haiti continues to grow, and so too must our staff and support system here in the U.S. It truly takes a village to raise a child and we're inviting you to visit our village, hand in hand with Christ.


Meet the VOCIH Team

Jeff Anefils

Founder & President


Jeff Anefils founded the organization seven years ago and has dedicated his life to bringing salvation to the people of Haiti. A Haitian native, Jeff and his family moved to the United States in 1987.


Jeff is the visionary behind the success of this organization and his family is the support system. Jeff currently resides in Saint Michel, Haiti, and thus has the privilege of having an immediate and direct impact on the community.


Jeff's vision for Voice of Christ in Haiti includes the expansion of the organization's impact. As the organization continues to grow, so too will the number of cities and people we support. 


Favorite quote:

"Through God all things are possible"




Regine Anefils

Vice President


Regine Anefils is the strength and footing behind the success of this organization. A dedicated member of the VOCIH team since the beginning, Regine manages all VOCIH correspondance and developments in the United States.


Also a Haitian native, Regine left her beloved home of Haiti when her family moved to the United States. Despite the move away from home, a day doesn't go by that Regine doesn't think of her community back home. Regine is dedicated to building a better life for her friends and family back home.


Regine has been a team leader on every VOCIH mission trip, guiding people through Saint Michel, Haiti and breaking barriers to build lasting relationships. Regine is a certified nurse and a medical savior to our people in Haiti.


Voice of Christ in Haiti is a success today because of Regine's selfless dedication to putting the needs of others above her own. A long-time nurse, Regine knows the importance of recovery and how to achieve it.


Favorite quote:

"Lord Jesus Christ is our one and only savior"

Michael Anefils

Executive Director


Michael Anefils, son of Founder Jeff Anefils, is our financial director, sponsorship liasion, and fundraising manager. Our lead on fundraising initiatives, Michael has ensured the continual growth of VOCIH volunteers and supporters to sustain the continual expansion of churches and schools in Haiti.


Michael studied business and finance management at the University of Chattanooga in Tennessee. Michael has been a member of the VOCIH team for nearly two years, and has utilised his financial expertise to launch Voice of Christ to the next level.


Michael is a visionary, much like his father, with a unique insight into both American and Haitian culture. Michael believes that the human race is only as strong as its weakest nation.


Favorite quote: 

"It takes a village to raise a child"

Alexandra Teague

Public Relations & Multi-media Manager


Alexandra Teague is our web designer, social media manager, and communications liasion. Alongside Michael Anefils, Alexandra orchestrates fundraising events and develops strategies for community outreach.


A recent graduate from Georgia State University, Alexandra studied the art of communications and digital media production. Alexandra has been a member of the VOCIH team for nearly a year, and has dedicated her talent and heart to the cause. 


Alexandra has a passion for youth-oriented organizations that strive to uplift children through education and mentorship. Alexandra is a believer of Christ, for all things are possible through him.


Favorite quote: 

"You must be the change you wish you to see in the world"




USA HQ: P.O. Box 691

Auburn, Ga 30011





USA: 404-509-0578 or 404-509-8916


Haiti: 011-509-4115-4708 or 011-509-3479-4739