Join a Mission Trip!


Vocih is inviting you to join a mission trip to Haiti!


Join us for the experience of a lifetime and help make a difference in Haiti. Don't take our word for it... Check out our Facebook page for pictures and testimonials from previous volunteers!




Book your Calendar Today!

January - February - March - April - May - June - July - August - September - October- November - December


Your mission awaits! Choose your preferred time to travel and let us plan an unforgetable journey!



Bring your family, peers, or group of friends along for the ride! The food, culture, and community is like no other you've seen before... and we want to share this experience with you.


Have questions about the trip activities or general safety? Email your questions to vocih@voiceofchristinhaiti,org or use the box to the right.


Happy Travels!




Your Personal Consultation

-Preferred date of departure
-Preferred date of return

-Number of missionaries (14 or older)
-We welcome medical team and any kind of trade

-Costs; lodging, transportation, meals etc.

-Meals; allergies or special diet.

-Packing tips:

-- disinfectant and soap

-- femine products; if applicable

-- good shoes for walking

-- light clothing for warm weather

-- Any donations should fit in designated luggage


Call us today! Happy Planning!

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USA: 404-509-0578 or 404-509-8916


Haiti: 011-509-4115-4708 or 011-509-3479-4739