Here's What People Have to Say About VOCIH

Voice of Christ in Haiti offers a variety of ways that you can get involved to help give back to the community. If it's not in your heart to donate money or you simply don't have the means, we kindly ask that you keep our children in your prayers.


As a growing organization, we love to hear about the amazing experiences that happen on mission trips and throughout our fundraisers. If you'd like to give a testimonial of your glorious experience working with Voice of Christ, please fill out the information card -->


As always, we thank you for your blessings and contributions.


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USA HQ: P.O. Box 691

Auburn, Ga 30011





USA: 404-509-0578 or 404-509-8916


Haiti: 011-509-4115-4708 or 011-509-3479-4739